Friday, July 2, 2010

A Note from Our Friends at Coastal Kayak

Please help save Cow Bridge Branch!!

I have been paddling in Delaware for over 20 years and by far my favorite paddle is this pristine waterway. Not only is it beautiful & unspoiled but it was recently designated as a nature preserve. This waterway is home to numerous rare species of plants and animals including the an extremely rare butterfly with only one other documented location in the world! You often see bald eagle, otter, myriad of turtles, not to mention that it is home to an extremely rare carnivorous pitcher plant. Inexplicably the Delaware Dept. of Transportation has decided that this would be a good place to locate a Rt. 113 bypass! Rather than route the bypass through farmland to the west they want to run it right across this unspoiled waterway. You can help by sending your comments of disapproval to:

Thanks and Happy Paddling!!

Coastal Kayak Inc.

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